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    July 2006
TachyonAU - Newsletter

Dear Friend,
  Thank you for visiting our website about tachyon energy and Tachyonized™ products. We enjoy and appreciate rapidly growing interest in our range of products. Thanks to our network of professionally trained specialists more and more people are getting to know about tachyon energy which brings them better life and better health.

  Here are a few things which we would like to bring to your attention:
New Tachyonized™ products
  Tachyonized™ products are permanent antennas, which are able to focus Tachyon Energy. With this energy, the entire complex of subtle and physical levels of the energetic continuum can receive access to all the potential that is needed for self-healing. For every energy obstruction, disharmony, energy deficiency or lack of order in our body-main complex, we can find the suitable solution through Tachyon energy.
  Updated information about our products.
  Read more about Tachyon Energy
  How it works?
Read personal experiences with Tachyonized™ products
  PLACEBO - if you think that all this is placebo effect, just imagine ...
  Read more
  See how these products work and help people achieve better life.
New business opportunity for everyone
  See how our fast growing business works. How and why you can join us.
  Don't miss your chance to improve your life.
  Have a look at Tachyon Advance Technology Compensation plan.

We are looking forward to hearing from you
Best Regards
TachyonAU Team


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